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Highly Specific Anti-idiotypic Antibodies

BioGenes develops high-affinity anti-idiotypic antibodies that are ideal for preclinical research (PK, Tox and immunogenicity studies) and the generation of data to support the development of human antibody drugs.

Anti-idiotypic antibodies are antibodies against the antigen binding site of another antibody. They can be used to mimic the structure of the original antigen and may serve as surrogate for tumor-associated antigens in vaccination strategies.

Our scientists have developed high-quality anti-idiotypic antibodies against several therapeutic antibodies.

We offer the development of polyclonal and monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibodies. Polyclonal antibodies from goats or rabbits are suitable if you need a lower amount of antibodies within a short time, e. g. for pre-studies. If the antibodies shall be used in long-term studies under validated conditions, then monoclonal antibodies are preferable.

Generally before starting the antibody development we recommend the fragmentation of the antibody so that only the variable region will be used for the antibody generation. BioGenes offers also the antibody fragmentation service.

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