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Production of Monoclonal Antibodies and Further Services

Production of monoclonal antibodies

BioGenes offers antibody production in various scales from 5mg to 1g per batch and can be carried out with hybridoma cells specifically developed at BioGenes or provided by the customer.

BioGenes offers a test production if there is not sufficient information about the clone of interest available. An additional re-cloning, if necessary, can be done in agreement with the customer and will be charged separately.

Generally we recommend performing a test production if you need a larger amount (100mg or more) of the antibody. Based on the production rate from the test production, the price for the large-scale production will be calculated.

If you provide BioGenes with your own hybridoma cells, please send us 2 cryo vials of the same batch together with all available information about the growth conditions and the specific growth medium and a mycoplasm certificate.


Further services

  • Search of pair (suitable capture and detector antibodies)
  • Work cell banking and master cell banking
  • Taking care of clones
  • Long time storage of clones
  • Characterisation of antibodies by testing of:
    • Reactivity on cross reactants
    • Affinity constant
    • Sub class


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